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Author: Read William & Sons

Fine Guns And Sportsmen's Outfits Agents For W & C Scott & Son

nd Circa 1900.  Boston, Mass, USA.  24 pages, 4to., illus throughout showing the guns and sporting accessories, printed paper covers, 4 pages Webley guns + various shotguns, rifles, loading equipment etc. In most case illustrated. An early catalogue Reads were at the Washington St address from 1883 (which the catalogue is); an agent for Webley Scott from 1870 to 1908. [21221]
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Catalogue No 51

nd Circa 1926.  New York.  landscape 8vo., 64 pages, illus in b/w and colour from photographs and drawings etc., pictorial card covers printed in colour with gun vignette, knife, bullet and wild cat scene to upper cover, date stamp to title page 29 Dec 1926, repeated on rear page blank margin and to front cover. Also oval stamp of patent office library to upper cover. A vg copy showing the guns with ammunition and description + the bullets, cartridges, some in colour also the ammunition card boxes in colur + 6 page at end relating to knives. [19992]
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Author: RIGBY

Magazine Rifles

nd circa 1935.  20 pages, small 4to., illus, printed card covers, gives a general description of the guns with accompanying text opposite the ammunition for that particular rifle with illus, direction for loading, cleaning, telescopic sights, testimonials by J.A.Hunter etc. vg. [14388]
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3 found
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