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Author: Jones E (manuscript)

Title: Manuscript of Royal Artillery Notes

Price: £680.00

Year: Cirac 1818

Summary: Paper watermarked 1811. A manuscript in ink and pencil in a clear legible hand. Divided into sections as follows. 1/ pp12 General Maxims relative to Artillery when employed on actual service in the field. 2/pp8 Remarks made during a course on Repository Instructions May 8th, 1818 3/pp13 Method of forming a pontoon bridge 4/pp3 Recipes for Smoke Balls 5/pp 24 Observations made during a course of Laboratory instructions commenced July 7th, 1818 (Marks on Rockets, Blue Lights and their composition, Portfires and Fuzes, pulverizing Salt Petre, different shots, their composition, ammunition and weight of powder for different weapons "Wallpiece Musquet, Carbines etc). In a rear pocket are 6 cards approximately 7.5 cm x 11.3 cm closely written on both sides in ink and ruled in red in chart format with the following headings. 1/Observations on Colonel Shrapnel's Shells, giving a list of different ordnance, Carronades, Howitzers, Guns, Heavy Guns, with their charge, weight empty and filled. 2/Ranges with Battery Guns Iron and Brass and on the obverse, Length, weight, and Charge of Field Guns. 3/ Medium Range at 45 degrees for 8, 10, 13 1nch mortars 4/ Weights, Dimensions & of Shells, Mortars, Carronades showing diameter of bore, proportion of Gun to Shot, Powder for bursting, etc 5/ Calculations (?) to fire spherical case shot with Service Charge 6/ Range with Undermentioned Ordnance (Carronades Light 51/2inch Howitzer etc) Bound in a full contemporary velum wallet style binding with central clasp with inner pocket to front and rear. The whole in a very good clean condition.

Ref: 22553

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