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Author: HARDY

Title: Hardy's Property Sales Brochure For No 61

Price: £140.00

Year: 1911

Publisher: Pall Mall

Summary: 8 pages, 4to., illus with street plan, also large folding ground floor plan with tipped in photographs of the building showing the Hardy shop. Printed card cover, some particulars for the premises at 61 Pall Mall, Hardys took over the shop in 1897 at a rent of ?365 in October 1909. The property was up for sale and went to auction in April 1911. the Hardy board instructed J.J.Hardy to attend the sale and bid up to ?19000, the property was successfully purchased for ?17250. At the time of the sale Hardy's were renting the ground floor shop for ?350 on a lease with 19 years left.

Ref: 18481

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