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Title: Photograph Album of a Safari In Kenya

Price: £680.00

Year: 1920

Publisher: Adam Charles Black

Summary: No date circa 1920, landscape folio 50 dark green card pages. Approx. 270 photograph of various sizes many 10 cm x 7 cm + some panorama photos, there are a few small 6cm x 3cm, but these are of the return voyage not the safari. The photos are unfaded and of good quality pasted to the page in some case handwritten descriptive text below, the text is faint but readable when enlarged, the whole assembled in a neat format. Recently bound in a green cloth in the style of the original. The safari appears to be undertaken by a Captain Hamilton and Captain Burrell and accompanied by two ladies presumably their wives. The first 2 pages show the voyage out through the Suez Canal. Followed by photos of the rail station at Mombasa, later collecting a motor vehicle at Nairobi. Followed by camp scenes, natives, "the safari "assembled. Photos of shot buffalo, Rhino, Eland, plains game, zebra. Scenes of the water hole, natives and hunter's shot leopard and lion more buffalos including the largest buffalo shot with hunter and natives, 5 buffalo heads laid out, all interspersed with views of the areas and natives. A panorama of the Safari at Fort Hall (now Muran ga). Group photos of natives, trophy heads etc. At the end are 4 pages of general of photos there is mentions of the Cranworths and part photo of their property, there is an earlier photo before the safari started of Lady Cranworth. The last 6 pages cover voyage home stopping of in Egypt. There are photos of 2 lion cubs on board the ship with the ladies possibly to be pets! An excellent record of a personal safari in the vintage years in colonial Kenya, more research needed.

Ref: 22558

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